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Jacob’s Freedom 2015

Jacob’s Freedom (2015) metal, ceramic magnets, wood, aluminum / dimensions variable / collaboration with choreographer Nir de Volf, Halle 14 and Lofft, Das Theater Leipzig,Germany


Severe County 2014

Severe County 2014 catapult, metal, crushed magnets, various crabshells, heavy-duty lifting belts, paper / dimensions variable / exhibition view “Eins zu Eins”, Kunsthalle Leipzig, Germany


Good morning Bay 2010

Good morning Bay  (2010) wood, lead, driftwod, dollhouse, truck hood, dried fish, can of German beer / dimensions variable / exhibition view, Bezalel Art Academy, Jerusalem, Israel


Jerusalem’s Longing 2009

Jerusalem’s Longing (2009) Brasilian nut wood, aluminum, dried shark / 3m x 40cm x 50cm / exhibition view “The Muslala Project”, Jerusalem, Israel                


Der Hölle Rache 2010

Der Hölle Rache (2010) palm tree, 19th century floor tiles, metal gate, industrial paint / 6m x 4.5m x 15m / exhibition view “Love, Art”, Tel Aviv, Israel


The Printers 2008

The Printers (2008) plaster, silver leaf, Neodymium magnet’s, lithographic stones, graphite / dimensions variable / Tel Aviv, Israel


Before Sowing 2008

Before Sowing (2008) iron, chickpeas, cyanide powder / dimensions variable / exhibition view Bezalel Art Academy, Jerusalem, Israel

Renan Ran Harari

After Eagles 2009

After Eagles (2009) aluminum, plaster, industrial paint / dimensions variable / exhibition view, Bezalel Art Academy, Jerusalem, Israel